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Levon, International dog trainer with Grey in Atlanta, U.S.A.
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Levon with his own personal German Shepherd, called Grey, trained in protection, security work and search and track


International dog trainer, Levon Mikaelian, an ex-military dog handler, was born in Bulgaria and has 35 years of dog training experience beginning in Bulgaria,years in the United States of America working closely with Police forces. Levon is now working in England making him an International dog trainer in every sense, he trains and sells mainly German Shepherds "the best breed" for use as personal or family Protection dogs, Security dogs, or Police dogs, they can also be trained to search and track if required.

One very important point in protection training is for the dog to maintain it's focus on the person doing the attacking.The vast majority of dogs will continue to attack a sleeve if it is pulled off during training, where as all of Levon's dogs will continue to maintain their attention on the attacker and ignore the sleeve.

Levon Mikaelian 277 Westward Road, Ebley, Stroud
Gloucestershire GL5 4TN
Tel 07792 820885

Email to

Additional videos of Grey can be seen on by searching for pro-dog grey

Something a little different, Grey on a ledge at a height in excess of 33 feet.




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Gringo obedience training, something a little different



Gringo the German Shepherd puppy during play time     Gringo in training for his role as protection dog     Gringo the German Shepherd puppy during play time

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